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Grief is a Fire (for Suz-zen)

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  • Grief is a Fire (for Suz-zen)

    Grief is a Fire
    That smoulders underground
    Biding its time
    A purveyor of sadness
    In the stealth of night
    That disables your breath
    A catch in the throat

    Grief is a Maelstrom
    From a silent movie that
    Plays endlessly
    Behind your tired eyes
    Who ache in their sockets
    With an anguish
    Beyond words

    Grief is a Whirling Dervish
    That leaps from thought to thought
    Like a burning wheel
    Of tumble weed
    That singes breath fragmenting
    The syllables of speech
    That vanish in the wind

    Grief is a Conflagration
    That suffocates your soul
    In the quiet dark
    While your cloistered heart waits
    Patiently for
    The return of you
    Who is nowhere to be found
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    Loved the third and fourth stanza! The 3rd struck me as so much quintessence of poetry and the mysterious beauty of its movement. so I salute you for the reminder of "what it really is".


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      amenOra, I greatly value your astute wisdom and depth of knowledge that is always displayed in the Zone. I wanted to write something that was not "sentimental" but rather dealt with grief in its raw essence. As always, I feel the need to tinker and have made changes to the last 2 lines of the 3rd stanza.