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  • Jubilee

    Posted here, with love, this is the actual promised sonnet I composed for Rhymezone. Writing my "bug sonnet" earlier today inspired me to complete this one which I began a couple of days ago. (I've discovered sonnets, like Pringles chips, are quite addictive ... you can't write just one!)


    I’ll write a sonnet to myself this day
    to sing of great achievements with no shame,
    for I have faced great odds and found my way
    despite the many obstacles that came.

    Adversity once knocked me to the ground
    and not just once, but countless times before.
    A woman’s destiny has long been found
    as “less than” and subservient, not “more.”

    But, Woman’s strength is in her will to rise
    above denial’s constant hum of doubt.
    With sisters by her side, she’ll reach the prize,
    then stand together with triumphant shout!

    Supporting one another, hand in hand
    is how we must proceed across the land.
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    Can a man stand by your side too? Top of the queue Piper!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      I like so much how you support us all Bobby! We're all in it together.

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    RhymeLovingWriter , yes we are all in it together. Happy to be on the line with all women including you, Piper and the 4 women I live with. The time has come.


    • pipersfancy
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      Thanks for the lovely comments Bobby, and I agree 100% with what you've said RhymeLovingWriter. I've been working on a contest entry this weekend - the journal Contemporary Verse 2 (CV2) hosts a challenge each April to write a poem in 48 hours using a 10-word list they send out... and there were some doozies in the list this year! Coifs? Frisson? Commodious? Roric?!? Anyway, I've got my draft done... and still some time to revise and edit. Whew!

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    Now this is an awesome piece. Stand strong, fine lady! Keeping rhyming and thank you for sharing.


    • pipersfancy
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      A most encouraging comment—thanks so very much!