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  • Sometimes I Wonder

    When we've done
    all we can do,
    we trust, we believe,
    we turn it over to “you".

    Then we wait.
    Wait to see.
    To see what is
    meant to be.

    Sometimes I Wonder,
    if fate is fate
    why must we

    If whatever is
    is meant to be
    why does fate
    bother with Me?

    If God, Spirit, The Universe
    all have loving intentions,
    why are we required to beg
    for loving interventions?

    If good is supposed to be
    why must we plead the favor?

    Is hope a petition
    requiring enough signatures
    To realize a hopeful reality?

    Is god a ballot counter
    awaiting sufficient votes
    before determining
    if good should be done?

    I don't know
    sometimes I wonder.

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    Something about free will having to be free, and chosen, or it's not really Love.

    Great questions, all. I'm a wonderer too. Full of faith - but ultimately - just human.

    Really like this one rhymetime . Thank you!


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      Thank you. I too have faith and no problem asking. Perhaps we just need to be part of the solution, to have some input into the grand plan. Perhaps we need not take goodness for granted.

      it is good to have you back more often.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
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        Thank you. Heading offline next week for a bit of a spell, so I'm trying to check in daily while I can.

      • Suz-zen
        Suz-zen commented
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        Count me in with you! of lots O' faith! And Paula, have a good break!!

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      'Bravo' of a write! Have had this struggle w 'what is meant to be', and prayer and positive thought... a ' lively discussion' about these topics w a friend only a few days ago. rhymetime
      i like the whole of it !
      Your best line in my opinion : Is god a ballot counter WOW!


      • rhymetime
        rhymetime commented
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        I am so grateful for you kind and thoughtful comments. I am also humbled. I have not seen your name nor heard your voice in a long time. To have written something worthy of your comment is to me a great compliment.
        THANK YOU!!