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  • Message To A Lost Friend

    We don't lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are.

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    Well first - Momma knows best - such an important lesson to learn. . (Of course, I might be biased about that part.)

    Lots and lots of wonderful phrasing going on here - very illustrative and hits the mark - with a great message!

    crying desperately to be occupied
    vessel of its pain
    put sentences at the mercy of my situations
    effortlessly shuffled through the deck of my emotions

    the magician/key/control lines - definite magic going on here - no illusions

    Your delivery is outstanding! Hope you're performing this onstage. Thank you so much for posting it in the zone!


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      Your absolutely right, momma knows best lol, Thank you so much for taking the time out and writing this wonderful comment, it mean a lot to me! Also, im glad you enjoyed this poem, and I have performed it on stage, got a lot of good feedback from it as well.