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  • Frantic

    This poem was written to convey how I feel when writing. I never know exactly what I want to write about. I never know what things I should do. A lot of the time I'm uninspired. So, I tried to convey that in my own special way. This piece isn't meant to be anything special. The whole theme for this is to be "frantic." So, I did my best to try to convey that. I know this piece is sloppy. But, that's okay. I see no point in touching up this specific piece because that would ruin what it stands for. I love the incoherence here. I don't care if this piece "breaks rules." It's a frantic mess and it thrills me to not restrict myself to make things look "professional." If you don't see value in this, then that is fine. As long as it gets heard then that's all I care about. Well, here it is:

    I've had this thought in my mind.
    "Do something different."
    Relax and unwind.

    I think:
    "What if I change the rhythem of my words?"
    That's ludicrous.
    Yeah, let me muck up what I have here.
    Like, "Everything's fine, dear!"
    But it's unclear.
    Do I stay?
    What do I say?
    "I can't clone my bone to hone what's inside me."
    Untie me.
    In the end I can't just go ahead and deny "ME."

    "Just stay calm."
    Yeah, you're right.
    In my palm.
    Is my light.

    Well... kinda?
    It's unclear what I'm going for here.
    I can try and hide my pride to let this mess slide.
    But, what's the point?
    It's all incohesive.

    Like, what do these words even mean?
    Am I dreaming here?
    What's the point in all this?
    It's kinda keen to fear the lack of some sort of bliss.

    Did you all catch that?
    Who is he talking to here?
    Me? You?
    I honestly have no clue.
    This is all kinda one long rant.

    This is all just frantic.
    I panic.
    Writing words without meaning.
    Am I leaning meaning without seeing my madness?
    I had this.
    But I kinda passed it.
    Realized that.

    Maybe I'm not frantic.
    Maybe this was all just organised.
    Are you surprised?
    Have you finally realized?

    The point here is pointless.
    Sorry if I'm a bit beyond this.
    But, I'm ready.
    And, I took the risk.

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    I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. I know this state of mind well, and I know how cathartic this must have been. I think this was special. It had value. I am glad you are sharing your poetry on the Zone and I look forward to more.

    Thanks for sharing,



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      CodySparks, I liked the poem and its Eminem undertones. Welcome to the Zone where almost anything goes, including Frantic!