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a fabric of memory -- 'tanka'

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  • a fabric of memory -- 'tanka'

    the first time
    i heard the song
    must have been
    a really good night
    only a memory?

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    Perfect in thought and presentation
    The title sets the stage.


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      I have yet to seriously tackle this form. Are you going to submit to Atlas Poetica for the special kyoka edition MHenry is going to be editing? Here's the link to his call for submissions.


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        I am somewhat apprehensive, and would need to polish some up, or write some new ones. I was going over them that I wrote last year and the year before when I mostly began... Ooo it's sometimes painful seeing what I wrote. But practice strives for perfection so,... Yes I shall think about that, thanks for reminding me.


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          And thanks for the comments. I just remembered the song Ignition (remix) and it gives me such a beautiful feeling, and I remembered while singing it to myself ... almost where and who i was upon listening. Pure magic, imo.


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            It's a good tanka, aO! If you submit to the Special Feature don't forget to rhyme;

            for example

            the first time
            I heard the song
            must have been
            a really good night . . .
            please pass the bong

            I've only received a small handful of submissions so far, but I have found many of the rhymes are either too obvious and forced or way too subtle (read, can't find them!). Hard to find the middle ground, it is.


            • amenOra
              amenOra commented
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              cool, cool. Thanks for sharing MHenry! I'll keep that in mind!

            • Johntee
              Johntee commented
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              Dear Mr. Henry,
              as an unread Pleb.
              please tell me what a
              "Tanka" consists of

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            Hi, Johntee,

            I refer you to the tanka society of america web page.

            Tanka may be defined in several ways, but this often lyrical, chiefly five-line poem, derived from the Japanese tanka and its predecessor, waka, continues to attract poets around the world. The following are three definitions or comments about tanka that may prove useful to members of the Tanka