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  • waiting to be eaten

    I will stay here
    There's a dome of floodlight
    Enter my veins
    I am still here
    Enter my thoughts
    Gated community rots
    At the thirst for rain
    And the blind angels pray
    'Holy, holy, holy'
    And the dead men
    Mutiny against color.
    Worlds over me build
    Like steel swimming in light--
    The regular procession
    Of the midnight train
    Howling at the dark and me.
    Iterations of fancy
    Separating you and I.
    The world withers beneath
    Tundras which reflect the sky.
    Breathing open
    No one is beneath me.
    Can I truly shoulder
    Each whisper of the angel's?
    If there's one, right now,
    Shall I listen --
    Wouldn't it matter more
    To speak that I do care?
    Or are you the one
    Stuck there?
    Stuck to the sides
    Like a roller coaster ride.
    But forget what's behind us.
    For we have all our time
    In boats leaves make.
    For we have wax spittle
    Over the figurine faces.
    For we have nightmare
    And horror--
    Building with a question.
    Shall I pose,
    To deem is so insensate--
    Shall I display
    The color of my feelings,
    Or are we thrown
    Like light throws shadows
    Into familiar rooms
    And swallowed up
    Like making this process
    In the silk curtains
    Build the blessed life
    Made inside these veins.
    So that love could afford
    Even if hate consumes.

    Because I've been here before.
    It's eternal to return
    Back at self-same spot;
    Not that you answer
    Not that I can breathe
    As dramatic as the movies.
    With my last puff of breath,
    Whose name in my mouth,
    Whose love in my heart,
    Whose fist am I holding

    Bitten by the dark
    Taking little bites.
    You come as if you know me,
    Asking questions
    Telling jokes you've heard.
    You come as if
    The rotten world
    Was dust you kicked up--
    As if your deja vu
    Came from somewhere else.
    You came to make a point,
    O I don't know
    How to say the words.
    I came to share the light,
    O intolerable dark blank

    It's what I see through
    Past myself
    That lies to me, telling me
    I am not a part of you
    I am not a part of this.

    It's the door --
    It's getting stuck --
    I enter again.

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    Your writing, as always, intrigues and inspires, AmenOra!


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Thanks for coming by I appreciate your comment. You too!