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  • To the Moon Alice

    To the Moon Alice ( c ) Glen Mitton 2018

    Have you been on top and keeping tabs ?
    Our bright silver moon is still up for grabs
    Now other countries have an eye on the ball
    As the moon beckons , " come one come all "

    We abandoned it like a baby in the night
    Leaving behind all the bragging rights
    This really isn't in our nature , or habit
    We don't want to be jaded chasing a rabbit

    The last time we touched down was in ' 72 ( December 11, 1972 , w/Apollo 17 )
    That was 46 years ago I say , BOOOOOOOO !
    I know we're feeling a little rustic
    Let's not get owned by another " Sputnic "

    Now they're talking about going to Mars
    Just like that " bridge " it's a little too far
    " So tell me what's wrong with our closest cousin " ?
    " The moon's not good enough all of a sudden " ?

    That piece of cheese instills motivation
    After all it is location , location
    We don't need cars in outer space
    We need to go back and get anchored in place

    At approximately 240,000 miles away
    Just figure you'll be in for the long stay
    We should rise once more like the tides it attracts
    Return to the moon and make science fiction a fact

    I hope this contemplation is just a phase
    That our cow has stopped only to graze
    " Well let's not diddle too long old sport " !
    " What we really need is a "space port "

    Now it's rumored the " ISS " might go up for sale ( International Space Station )
    I can see a flip in the future and with some detail
    Turn it into a nice B&B with a " Denny's " next door
    Beside it a saloon and nice convenient store

    I digress because I have the space , no pun intended
    For a " New Moon Mission " would really be splendid
    It is and still is the obvious stepping stone
    Let's try pitching camp there first , then we can chaperone

    It's sad to see our past efforts slip thru the cracks
    I'd be " over the moon " if we went back
    I would eagerly go if an invitation were to come
    Meanwhile I'll be here with my star map , holding out my thumb

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    Moon-dust, it seems, might be a stopper.
    "Rabbit," the Chinese rover
    ground to a halt, a wheel seized it seems;
    going in circles put an end to the mission
    The electrostatic charge means
    it's is no mere dust off keeping clean
    to foil the particle's penetrating ambition.


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      I liked this reflection Glen. In truth, I don't think about travel to the moon so much anymore but I sure do like moon-gazing and following LG's poetry about said-same orb.


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        This just came to me out of the blue , a blue moon that is