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  • "SPAM"

    “SPAM” – Mystery Mixture in a Can,
    Cut it, Fry it, In a Pan.
    When was First out On my Own,
    Kept me Fed – Do not Bemoan.

    “SPAM” – Junk that Flows to my Computer,
    Certainly a Persecutor.
    Like “Web Rabbits” Multiply,
    Straight to In Box Ramify.

    “SPAM” – A New Meaning straight to Me,
    Aliens Beamed a Decree,
    Trip to Earth no Longer Wary,
    “Space People Arriving Merry.”

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    Spam , derided by "Monty Python"
    is (due to the Korean War, U.S.Aid and the destitute state
    of Korea in the 50's) still seen as a Top of the Line Xmas present
    done up in Xmas hampers by the fanciest shops.


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      Thanks - yes, I do know about the Monty Python reference. Interesting the history of the terms.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Bob I've been away
        for three days and there's
        a swarm of unread poems for me to enjoy
        but I'm running out of Library time once again.

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      This site is certainly a great place to find some good ones for sure.


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        Interesting timing on this one Bob. I hadn't eaten SPAM since childhood, but last time I was home visiting Dad he had some bacon-flavored SPAM in the cabinet. We fried some up for breakfast with eggs. I'm sure it wasn't healthy for us in any way - but it sure did bring back memories!

        As for the computer kind - that can be a constant struggle.

        The idea of benevolent and grinning aliens kind of appeals to me.


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          That stuff kept me going for a long time - no money and all. Ramen Noodles as well - maybe a rhyme there as well? Happy Aliens are much more appealing than angry ones.