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The Golden Keys To My Summer

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  • The Golden Keys To My Summer

    Hello. I'm a Russian poet and it's my first poem in English. Would you be so kind to go through it and check if it's understandable and grammatically correct? Thank you in advance.

    I had lost the keys to summer.
    I was searching in the yard,
    Then I saw a lone newcomer
    Walking down the boulevard.

    Change was coming and he spoke it,
    Stripping leaves from all the trees,
    Something sparkled in his pocket
    And I saw his golden keys:

    Golden keys that once would find we.
    So I crossed the shadow's side
    And had left the wind behind me
    Lifting up the kite untied.

    There are often ways to ravel
    In the autumn heaven-dome,
    So the long and hopeful travel
    Gently led me to the home.

    Oh, that day I was the runner
    Who had finished at the start:
    I had lost the keys to summer
    And have found 'em in my heart

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    It's more than understandable it's excellent enough that if english was your first language you should still be proud of this one.


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      Yes, Andy, I see no grammatic problems, nor hangups on language. You crafted a nice piece, and it rang of pure poetry to my ears. Enjoyed it a lot, thanks for sharing.


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        Thank you for your inspiring feedback.


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          Got it, Amazing! I love your poem and the words you use are very great and I and say this with pleasure that this is a great initiate by you. I really love the way you write this poem and so I’d love to give you my best wishes with website that provide useful material for students and writing tips, Keep it up!
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            Excellent poem! No one would ever guess that English was not your first language! Well done Andy! And Welcome to the Zone! I look forward to seeing more posts from you!


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              Well done Andy. The third stanza in my opinion needs a little work. Really enjoyed it.


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                no proplem from me. beautiful poetry flowing well and don't worry about keys to summer you got the keys to poetry. keep unlocking.