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    I’ll apply to be your Don Quixote
    I’m a little tarnished and maybe not up for the task.
    But I’ll dust off my armor and find a windmill
    If you were to smile and were to ask.

    Yeah I know my Rocinante looks like a small SUV
    I must make do with what I have handy.
    It’s not 4 wheel drive so no windmills in mud
    A windmill with a parking lot t’would be dandy.

    I could be your brave knight if you’ve low expectations
    For low expectations I can meet or maybe exceed.
    But give me a quest and I’ll giver er a shot
    There is a small chance I may succeed.

    So consider this my Don Quixote application.
    Slightly tarnished and tattered I may be.
    But my heart’s in the right place (the left side of my chest)
    With a lot of luck you’ll be proud of me!

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    Kind of light, jocular tone, Peter.Dee? Self-deprecating. You should think higher of yourself, you write pretty good poetry, for starters.

    You're hired! haha lol...

    good job...


    • Peter.Dee
      Peter.Dee commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks amenOra I'll have to oil up the armor now I guess