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What is this bloody mess

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  • What is this bloody mess

    If I could only change one law.

    View now your unborn fetus!

    I think few could handle the truth.

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    Probably true. But the truth is, they might not be able to handle parenthood, either. But you make a valid point, which goes beyond the issue of "abortion"... perhaps?

    It goes into the psychology of people dealing with the consequences and effects of decisions made.


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      A bit over the top, I will agree. I’m a little old school, maybe. A high school friend of mine was sent away, we didn’t know where and it wasn’t much talked about. She was recently reunited with the daughter she had that sophomore year. That mistake she never got to see at the time. Turned into joy and a long lost bond that healed regrets.


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        Thought provoking, and turned into something of worth. Kudos--


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          I personally do not support abortion. I do support the right to make a well informed decision. Perhaps such a decision wound be better informed with a view of the fetus.

          very thought provoking verse.

          thank you.


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            The debate will forever go on. Rights to our bodies, once violated, open treacherous doors. On the opposite side of the argument is actually the same side of the coin: Rights to life. Will we ever know at what point the cosmos transfer consciousness from the collective soul to the individual? Questions, questions to ponder. In the meantime, let’s keep stranger hands off our bodies.


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              Forty plus years of marriage has taught me one thing. Never question a woman’s decision. I only question the information they use to make it.