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  • "Cupcake"

    Cupcakes' Mug Shot.jpg
    Came to Us when She was Two,
    even though She wasn’t New.
    Family Couldn’t keep her There,
    brought her Home without a Care.

    Clean her Food Bowl every Day,
    is there Any other Way?
    Brush Her in the early Morn,
    figured That is Just the Norm.

    Has a Pillow in our Car,
    Satin as She is a Star.
    Blanket and a Bed to Boot,
    whole back Seat is Hers to Root.

    Makes a Noise when She wants Out,
    if Ignore becomes a Shout.
    When I sit Down for a Nap,
    she Jumps right Into my Lap.

    Now she’s Aging close to Eight,
    with Boy Dogs she’ll never Mate.
    Came to Us in that Condition,
    wish it Weren’t is Our Admission.

    Is a Person not a Dog
    in our Lives that’s not a Clog.
    She’s a Princess that’s for Sure,
    past the End she will Endure.

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