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Of the Death of Dreams

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  • Of the Death of Dreams

    How can you bear to hear the shrill wails of dreams
    As they are being untimely ripped from their hosts,
    Screaming in agonising rage and bloody tears wasted
    On Hope that has been swallowed by the wind?

    How can you bear to look into the hollow eyes of your children;
    Those dark tunnels of despair
    As they plough the fertile land
    That grows them futile fruits?

    Even a parent must feel guilt
    Requestioning their justice in parenting,
    When every silent night, you can hear their wheezing sobs
    Resounding in the woeful hoots of the owls' weeping,
    Weeping for the moonbeams to break through the seams of the clouds.

    We stare at the dandelion seeds,
    Our sighs set them off carrying our hopes:
    Let it be a child's naive wish or a youth's stubborn
    Only to see them grow on the grave of dreams.

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    Your inaugural post tolls a somber tone Asvoria. These word choices capture well a sense of futility for one who has lost hope. Welcome to the Rhymezone!