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    The fondness of a good memory
    Late fall, one thousand nine hundred and eight plus seventy
    New York City, Cocaine and vitality
    A glance that will forever stay with me
    The cold grey streets in her December
    The sounds of the crowd and traffic I remember
    To the outsider the city seemed cold, rough and tough
    But to the insider, somehow warm and tender
    Once on the street prepare to compete
    And become human puree
    In the concrete Big Apple blender

    I was bustling in Manhattan on sixteen and high
    Glancing at the architecture
    The Towers and the Empire scraping the sky
    Then all the sudden she passes by
    As a decaying artist now, I ask why
    Why like a photographer did I capture that moment
    I was looking in different directions
    And she still caught my eye
    A minuscule sliver in my life
    Glued to an infinite wall, my mind
    Another fragment of color in a collage of reflections
    Deep pockets of a tan coat wool
    Her hands keeping warm from the cold
    Easy for her face to make all the suggestions

    Why do you come here in my remaining time?
    With your mouth smiling
    And your eyes the same
    In that cold grey day still shine
    They shine in me
    I never had the chance to touch you
    But will forever see
    Though you may have been someone else’s lover
    In that moment I was oblivious to everything else
    Except the way we looked at each other

    Are you out there like me?
    Holding on to an instant sublime
    Wishing I would have stopped
    To ask you your name
    Hoping you would have stopped
    To ask me the same
    Instead we walked away through time
    With you looking back over your shoulder
    And me forever
    Looking back over mine


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    Drawn out-- a snap shot well-captured. That wonder... that's the real content. To share that, have someone--like me-- curious what it was, what it meant. Because sure conclusions can be great, beautiful, defining. But the question mark of this, got me. Framed in such a way, it really is romantic, and yet as thin as string. I still wonder what it means!


    • The second
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      In NY in DEC, 1978 This girl passed by we both turned around to look at each other Just a moment I'll never forget. I lust wonder if she remembers

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    Wow, TheSecond! I loved that so much, especially the ending. It ended on a perfect note, and I must say, have you read my mind? I often think like that, and it was so nice to see what I've felt translated into such a beautiful poem.


    • The second
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      TY NYS So nice of you I used to read minds when I had one of my own. TY again

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    TS - I'm much affected by the feel of this one. There is a sense of saddened resignation in the reminiscing notes. Yet the hook that was, if only for a moment, enough on which to hang a beautiful memory, shines brightly through its backlit surroundings.


    • The second
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      Yes RLW if only sometimes we took just one moment to stop and say WOW you are beautiful TY