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  • Long Gone

    There is no point brooding on this
    For too long
    All that you had lost in the void, never to resurface
    Know that you have wronged
    There is no use in trying to retrieve again
    What's done is done
    Reside in visions of the past only to heal these wounds
    My god, just give it up

    You cannot seem to let go
    For what you had
    Everything taken away from you like a thief in the night
    Feeling so sad
    There is no use trying to believe again
    For a way out of this hole
    Yet you're the one who brought this shit on himself
    A crippled, broken, good-for-nothing soul

    All your memories
    Memories of love
    Memories of family
    Gone, long gone

    Everything you wished for
    Everything you've got
    The life you had from all memories
    May it decompose, may it rot

    Everything in this wretched life
    Gone, long gone
    Long gone

    Stop pretending that there can still be hope
    It's clear that you have lost it all
    Departed loved ones haunting your presence
    See their faces on the bedroom wall
    While you try to sleep just for the sole reason to forget
    It's with you forever, so embrace it
    Everything that had made you up until this harrowing demise
    Of your self-confidence, you view on this world
    Just move on and fucking get over it

    No one will hold your cold hand
    No one will lead you out from this dark place
    No one wishes to speak to you, ever again
    Your own existence, long gone
    To all of us, you were a shame, a fake, a total disgrace

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    Depth of despair is a lonely place to be...yet in the zone you're never alone. I like that we can unload our burdens here and find supportive voices who walk alongside.