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  • Crisis

    Is it natural to feel the darkest moods?
    Is it unusual to never think like anyone else?
    I can't accept that things have got to change
    Even if it's of myself
    I don't know what will lie ahead
    I don't know what will become of me
    When the clock strikes

    Is it any use to think the darkest thoughts?
    Is it a necessity to worry much more?
    I cannot cope with living this strain
    Even if there is a way out of it
    But I wish to god that I should've just died
    When there wasn't even a light
    To shine on sore, broken eyes

    Life in crisis, the anguish is real
    Now, in a state of delusion
    Where I can no longer feel
    Lost forever in a perpetual confusion

    Through the ages, of this life
    I believed I can remain the same
    But deep inside I'm slowly rotting
    Where I will no longer feel
    Lost forever in a pale, fractured state

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    There is a light
    I do believe
    despite this sight
    without reprieve
    it lies in leap
    of faith to keep
    Hard won 'til done.