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  • Pretensions

    Sometimes at night I lay awake
    In the darkness of the night
    And wish I could find the words
    Which would shine forever bright.

    Pretensions that the words I use
    Could live long after me
    And I might be remembered
    By more than family.

    Perhaps that’s a sign of getting older
    Mortality creeps occasionally to my mind
    And in the dark I sometimes wonder
    How my life should be defined

    But surely again the sun does rise
    And self-doubts then get some rest.
    I tackle life again once more
    With a grin and perhaps some zest

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    And poetry - you are tackling life with poetry and the power of the pen. I think you're in good company here in the zone with these sentiments Peter.Dee . We express it in many unique ways, but leaving a positive mark is a worthy goal. Right on....or write on... !


    • Peter.Dee
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      Thank you. I appreciate your kind comments

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    Beautiful in its simplicity.


    • Peter.Dee
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      I'm glad you liked it Alexandra.