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  • Streets of London

    (With Apologies to Ralph McTell for co-opting his Song title)

    I’d like to walk the streets of London some more before I die.
    To see the alleys and the pubs, to see old Hodge as I pass by.
    I want to sit in a cool dark pub and drink tepid beer once more
    And I want to walk through the sites where Romans walked the floor.
    I want to walk down Fleet Street again, and watch the river Thames
    As it flows under Tower Bridge and disappears around the bend.
    I want to be in the old West End as the theatres let out.
    Mingle with the crowds again as from the bars they cast about.
    I want to see at least one more time the moon shining on St Paul’s
    The site on a summers night just so held me deep in thrall.
    And I but hope I can find someone to walk London’s streets with me
    And in my joy for London’s streets, they surely would agree.

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    Sweet, i enjoyed this. It gave me a feel of the volumes of "expriences" I have never undergone, but that I know many enjoy. Eg. Regular at a bar. It had "history" and such a conscious piece which made me feel/think, deserves all the love in the world. Thank you for sharing, Peter.

    I hope you'd want to share more too, if you feel like it!


    • Peter.Dee
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      AmenOra. I never thought I'd get to see London either but I got the chance (twice!!! in a year) . thank you for your kind words and I will post more. I've written lots but I have to sort out the drivel

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    The streets you would walk
    are money's fief,
    phantoms recalled
    from Roman times
    cast adrift.
    In these meaner streets
    Capital-lite means
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    • Peter.Dee
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      Hi Johntee. Yes I saw homeless people. I'm not saying all is perfect with London but I got to see it so one place off my bucket list. From a small Canadian City to London was to me a sea change.

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    To see London was always one of my ambitions as well--and I too got to visit it twice in one year, last year. As someone who is passionate about history and literature, I loved getting to see the places where my favourite authors lived, such as Charles Dickens' house, or walking the streets that have seen such history, exploring the forgotten nooks and crannies from bygone ages.
    This poem perfectly captures what I feel when I think about London. Thank you!


    • Peter.Dee
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      thanks NY. If you don't know the Song Streets of London by Ralph McTell. Look it up on you tube. I sometimes find myself singing that to myself