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At the most beautiful breakfast

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  • At the most beautiful breakfast

    Out of the joy of memories
    amid the smell of blueberry pancakes
    rise moons
    without nights
    muscadine grapes
    picked by mom's love

    a little afraid
    to press their skin
    against my heart's skin
    the trepidation of crying
    in front of my dad
    or the obstinate edges
    my cheeks used to draw
    around happiness

    oh tears
    how much salt
    leaks out anyway
    only those moons
    can make out.
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    Beautiful LG and I love blueberry pancakes. So good to see you posting again.


    • lunar glide
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      Thanks Atl. Ive missed all the poets here. I lost creativity for a little while.

    • AlexandratheLate
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      I know that feeling. 😊

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    Makes me hungry. Reminds me of some Sylvia Plath about her slicing a thumb in the kitchen -- but in a good way. Because of this the middle stanza is great, imo. Personal meaning and what it "does" to me, or something like that. Makes me question, moons without nights? in a good way. Love the poetics, and the atmosphere. "Only those moons"


    • amenOra
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      ps. cool title~

    • lunar glide
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      Thank you! I wasnt sure about the title so im excited you like it.

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    It was incredible - in many ways - wasn't it? Really beautiful versing LG.


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      Thanks RLW! I have to catch up


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        Family is everything LG. Some memories good and some not so good. A lot happened around the breakfast table. This seemed very timely for Easter. Out of this wooooooooorld LG!


        • lunar glide
          lunar glide commented
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          Thank you Bobby! Always an honor to receive you comments..

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        heart warming poem ❤️


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        Hello lunar glide, You ponder so tenderly, serenely sad yet beautiful so endearing is your poetry. Breakfasted on the
        muscadine fruits of a mother's love in your own unique and mysterious style. Eloquently rendered. Fond regards, Tony.


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          Thank you so much Tony!