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Eastra, Great Goddess Of Spring

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  • Eastra, Great Goddess Of Spring

    The word Easter

    Is of Saxon origin,

    Eastra, the great goddess of spring

    Whose symbol was a rabbit or hare.

    All the fun things about Easter

    are pagan.

    There was violent conflict

    On Vatican Hill

    In the early days of Christianity

    Between the Jesus worshippers

    And pagans

    Who quarrelled over whose God

    Was the true,

    And whose the imitation.

    In the ancient world,

    Wherever you had popular resurrected god myths,

    Christianity found lots of converts.


    Eventually Christianity

    Came to an accommodation

    With the pagan Spring festival.

    Although we see

    No celebration of Easter in the New Testament,

    Early church fathers celebrated it,

    And today

    Many churches are offering

    "Sunrise services" at

    Easter – an obvious pagan solar celebration.

    The date of Easter is not fixed, but instead is

    Governed by the phases of the moon –

    How pagan is that?

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    So true and why I don’t celebrate it. Thank you for posting SG.


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      The early church
      was very different
      from its Patriarchal


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        Good job I have never heard of Eastra, very interesting and thanks for the informative poem. Although the dryness makes me question its validity. But I'm no poem-nazi, and I enjoyed it. It really makes me question such things as What the Christians posit it is about. And I shall learn about it... because you wrote this nice little poem. Thanks, peace.