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  • Grandparents

    Reagan in our Tree.JPG
    Grandparents exist In all Shape and Form,
    as You might Imagine – Not all Are the Norm.

    Some come with Wrinkles – Some come with Hair,
    Some come with Money – Some come with Care.

    Some come in One – Some come in Two,
    Some come with Joy – Some come who Chew.

    Some come with Warmth – Some come with Cold,
    Some are quite Young – Some are so Old.

    Some stay in your House – Some live on their Own,
    Some talk a Blue Streak – Some only can Moan.

    Some make you Happy – Some make you Sad,
    Some are the Best – Most are just Glad.

    Whatever they Are is Better than None,
    I know from Experience as I ARE now ONE.
    We have many Pictures – In this one You see,
    our Lovely Granddaughter time Stuck in our Tree.

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    The family resemblance
    is notable.
    She looks
    a lot like you


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      Thank you - that is a nice compliment. However, she would say it's not true because I am a boy.


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        This was heartwearming


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          Thank you. The subject made it easy.


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              Would someone with power please take down this comment by Pryanwep - it is SPAM in my opinion and there is no "edit" option on the bottom of his comment. Thank you.