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Happy Easter from your Loved Ones

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  • Happy Easter from your Loved Ones

    Your loved ones in the afterlife want to be with you.
    It's time to get out of their way and let their souls come through.
    As we go about our day there's one thing we can do,
    remember where we came from, the place our souls once knew.

    They've passed over to the other side, enjoying the heavenly view,
    and they would love nothing more, to show us where they flew.
    Above the skies, planets and stars and the beautiful earth so blue,
    we can have this joy in your lives, if we just believe it's true.

    Maybe this thought of the afterlife is more than some can chew,
    they have a hard time believing, can they walk in another's shoe?
    As we walk this earthly path and life experiences accrue,
    our minds and hearts will open to belief systems that are new.

    I hope when you read this poem, my words you won't eschew,
    When you lay down your head to sleep, your loved one visits you.
    Welcome them into your dreams tonight, it's very easy to do,
    When they tell you I Love you, tell them you love them too.
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    I was thinking about Mom especially last night, all through the Easter vigil Mass, and realizing she now has a beautiful view. I miss her, but moments like those help ease the pain.


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      RhymeLovingWriter , Paula your love for your mother and your story is very touching. Your mom is soaring with the angels! Happy Easter to you and your Mom.


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        very good poetry there, friend thanks


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          amenOra , thank you. I’m pretty sure it’s right up your ethereal alleyway. Thank you friend!


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            You always write with such wide open heart. Excellent !


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              Big hearted Bobby. From the heart. 😊


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                lunar glideAlexandratheLate thank you friends❤️❤️❤️