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Lie Detector Question for Republican Members of Congress:  A Haiku  

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  • Lie Detector Question for Republican Members of Congress:  A Haiku  

    Do you think Trump has
    Been a good President for
    The United States?


    If you do not answer truthfully
    You may be subject to perjury prosecution
    Under the Mueller Russian Probe

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    Actually it is an interesting question but I wonder whether politicians who see the truth as flexible can evade a lie detector test


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      An astute haiku and a wise response from PP. 😁


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        My pay check went up eighty dollars (tax cut). My wife got her first raise in ten years. Gas prices are down. The paper is filled with want adds for new workers and void of new about ISIS. Home prices are on the rise (I finally sold my old house, for what I was asking). My IRA is up twenty percent. I’d rather drink my beer from a bottle than an aluminum cans anyhow. I guess if I was a criminal or from another country I’d be pissed. Me? happy, happy, happy.


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          Divot, I am glad to hear that you and your wife are prospering in your day to day lives. Good News is often hard to come by. I think you might be an aberration compared to the rest of the country.

          As you know, the 2018 midterm elections In November will be a referendum on the Trump presidency. That outcome at least will not be Fake News.


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            As Divot's
            answer shows
            beauty lies
            in the
            beholder's eyes
            and pockets