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  • Frozen Solid

    Imagery: Imaginal worlds. Odes to the dead, spoken in the wind.
    Around the states of America, they build a fence that can't be taken down.
    They want with their teeth, it is in their broken bones: Defeat.
    The president stands tall because of all Hell seems to him its Leaders:
    Is it about the personal Ego, my friend of advertisements on TV?
    I seem to lose my shape in the prison of darkness beneath the earth.
    Locked in the grips of the snakes who rule their own kingdoms
    Still wrought emboldened, the golden gates, and burning bridges.
    To dance in freshness past the world I see, leave it up to me
    To always ask what it means to complete one rhythm, one cycle?
    I seem to lose my shape in fearful masks, death my own harbinger
    I know you are not real that I could convince another Exactly what you are.
    While blindly moving me profusely ... concussive force of fingertips
    Extend into my heart in cold, chilling grips, and the reaper with his scythe
    Laughs a sparkling madness which intoxicates me, brings us together,
    Tears us apart in the dancing down of devils -- What was it I said,
    Or was it something that I felt -- wrong? Not wrong with you.
    Lovely to see its taken apart parts, lovely to know the sunshine.
    While the country separates itself in droplets of water
    And rains on Missouri for weeks. I started to forget I loved the rain.
    I wanted only to jump in puddles, to dance another riddle.
    When i found the answers they all meant nothing if you didn't care.
    So I devised a beauty which moved through me, and stared
    Like being wrong would equate to necessitate the Right.
    Like a syntactical madness in which we can't unwind reflection
    On a pole in the sea in a boat with the eyelids starting to free.
    Frozen, where the poles are turned to quad -- Frozen solid, you said.

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    This is incred.I shake my head One of my faves TY


    • amenOra
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      Thanks I enjoyed writing it!!

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    I hope you dance many more riddles-this was a great read


    • amenOra
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      Glad you enjoyed, thanks for the comment friend~

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    Eyelids staring to free left me frozen!


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      Summer comes and leaves us all undone or something like that. April. Winter goes away, Poetry month!