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  • New Career 2

    If you haven't read the first one you should read it first

    New Career 2 the sequel

    Back to Job Centre That much is true

    Vacancy at a cocktail bar is all that's new

    The working times they said are such good times

    But you need to tell your lemons from limes

    Perfect I said cocktails I can shake

    After all they can't be so hard to make

    A Lady asked me for sex on the beach

    Hey steady on my reply to beseech

    Martini I could do shaken not stirred

    Dyskinesia twists my lemons eyes blurred

    Unable to read bottles labels

    Took one from the end best guess was able

    As I poured it smelled but not much like gin

    Turned stomach as well as it trickled in

    As tried to read instructions on the list

    Head clogged up and became fuIi of brain mist

    I put the lid on and started to shake

    Then picked up the shaker cocktail to make

    As I shook it mingled and then turned green

    The oddest martini that I ever seen

    Told her it was Martini 007

    Undercover but the taste of heaven

    She tried it and one mouthful cured her cough

    Hey she said this is certainly good stuff

    My boss appeared couldn't find medicine

    Didn't tell about the drink I put it in

    I think he had guessed about my ruse

    I was fired as, was not enough Tom Cruise
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    Great poem. It's a pity Job Centres don't display vacancies for poets.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      unfortunately poetry unlike crime doesn't pay-thank you for your like and comment I very much appreciate them

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    I'm glad you included the link to the first one - I'd gone fuzzy on it. You pull again from present circumstance and reality, join it with your ready wit, and massage it out into a full-length tale. It's dark humor with a sting of satire, but you pull it off well. (I'm also in agreement with Mister Trick's comment about Job Centres - too bad about poets.)


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      A tale of failure and the protagonist is no hero blundering quite dishonestly and yet he is also no victim getting on with life trying something new. Life can be tough, choices can be limited but life goes on. People with Parkinson's are not usually portrayed in that way.
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    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      No, I know. But did you ever consider writing poetry before your diagnosis? Now you've published a couple of books, raised awareness, and continue to bring us poetry which inspires. Not your chosen life trajectory - but you've brought something positive to a difficult situation - for that alone you have my unending respect and gratitude.

    • Parkinsonspoet
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      I had written the odd poem but didn't think of it as poetry. Messages on cards.What initially changed it was getting my own Facebook , computer dating and marriage breakup. Facebook gave me an audience, computer dating gave me a need to impress with just words and my marriage breakup gave me a reason emotional honesty, Parrkinsons gave me a lot of thoughts and themes to examine but is one of a number of relevant factors

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    Maybe you need to go to the job centre where Bea Arthur is working. She might be able to get you a job at the palace. (Mel Brooks' 'History of the World, Part 1') Wonderfully enjoyable poem, Parkinsonspoet! And a great way you use to spread awareness.