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Exalted soul enchanted in orb

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  • Exalted soul enchanted in orb

    What is a soul?
    Is it memories? Experience and wisdom?
    Is a small child sitting inside us, fighting for freedom.
    What do you see when you think about the soul? Glass orbs from childhood and rays of light? Today's you wanting more? Are you a soul? Is everything OK?

    Are all souls the same? Is this the core, you are building a frame? Did exalted soul begin identically? Like all souls that are being endurred finally?
    Life is a currency, poe in my head, you know your latency
    not everything is red.
    Do I want to buy it? Do I want these orbs? Am I exalted and I will be in Forbes

    Exalted orb, it's my treasures, I want to buy them, I feel a lot of pressure.
    Poe m, currency, path of exile, it is worth trading, and collecting the file.
    What is the highest, what is exalted? Is it allowed to sell? I will be proud of myself when I hear the bell.
    Take more from life, discover this joy. Relax, rest, calm down girl and boy.
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    Nice "beginning" post (well you wrote the other one first *technically* but you know--)

    Welcome ~ friend. Some interesting ideas here but there seems to be missing a connecting theme or thread. If you're asking the questions can't you also take the time to answer them? Thought provoking, indeed, and I liked the image of light a lot... bent!

    Because the best answers I could give would still be only what I know or think: And you?


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      Helmud, the most profound concept for poetry and life. I loved it. I have to disagree with my peer AmenOra whom I adore. What is a soul is clearly the connecting theme. And the goal of the poem as I see it is to allow the reader to answer the question. Also, I believe you provide the beginnings of answers in your questions. I love that you took on this topic! Well done!


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        Helmud, Sister Greed here. Well, your poem is thought provoking indeed. My initial answers are the spiritual body that houses the design of your experimental existence on all levels. But that’s an easy cop out right? The immortal body with which you perceive thereby connecting you to your higher power. Then I looked it up and this is my favorite answer: the seat of your feelings.


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          PS I love the questions you pose at the end of your poem.


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            I do not know what the soul looks like, I do not know if it's an orb of light and if there is one universal soul. I believe that there is something more that you can not touch, examine, buy.
            I believe in some exalted power.
            I think it is a good idea and I am very satisfied with the operation of this site with poetry. I am very happy to share my thoughts with people.
            Thank you very much for your kind words.
            Exalted orb, that it's what i want to buy
            some poe currency & poe orbs
            I will definitely buy orbs, thanks
            Sometimes you ask me, do not you know it yourself? Where you can buy the orbs you use. The beetle does not know it, the ladybird does not know it. Where to buy Exalted orbs, knowledge of some tribes. Is this a Currency PoE? If these are different phenomena, he does not know about you, but I know and I will tell you the truth the only one. It is worth trusting, good opinions, I was rather satisfied and I will come back.
            Exalted, why are you Exalted? Can you become a rich man from being Exalted orb? I do not think so.
            But I know one thing, with Exalted orb you can move your poe builds and poe curreny to Odealo
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