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  • Rocket

    Rocket on the space station,
    Heavy, huge, strong as an athlete,
    All vibrates, nervously nods -
    Loading starting moods.

    The rocket stands and nozzles, hisses and wheezes
    And for good measure, something from her belly drips.
    Tall like a limba, reaching up to the sky -
    Will it stir up, let's try

    Already the mechanics snake her in the stomach,
    In the cistern, the valve was changed to "full".
    He drinks thirsty feeling like in paradise -
    He is already high.

    What items should I buy in the rocket league?
    Will the new item be worth fatigue?
    Rocket, items, all this
    I can not miss

    Because Rocket League Items is what I want to buy
    If it is necessary, I will pay.
    Item to RL is a good trade,
    buy rocket league items and never fade.

    Really nice crates, really kind people
    Zomba Apex Titanium White & Rocket.
    Rocket, it is similiar to Rocket League and Rocket League items
    Stomach and nozzles, trails and wheels.
    Awesome Helmud, how did you do something awesome like this? It is wonderfull :*
    I love you and your items

    Yesterday, when the dust rose, I went to the start and the dust washed away.
    I like it, it's very good, it's important to arouse positive emotions.
    Rights for minorities, women's rights, tolerance and Odealo.
    Thank you very much, thanks to you I bought my Rocket League items...

    Suddenly, buch,
    Steering in motion..
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    Lovely write thanks for sharing, Helmud. This had some cool things, like the comparison of the rocket to an athlete. Creative flair all along. I suppose the "drips" could be anything, fuel, something else... You have set up an interesting thing with "snake 'her'"... all these things humanizing the "subjects" made it for an interesting "tone" even "skin tone" - almost.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      Curious what you mean by Buch, never heard of the word, and I didn't seem to find a match...

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    Buch= Stomach, belly? Nice write Helmud


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      I read this in such a different mindset. I think MHenry would love it. You should enter the tanka contest he's editing.


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        Wow very nice, I have never seen a poem written about a game, not looking at the fact that I have been in the gaming world for a long time although I've heard a lot of songs about games so a poem shouldn't be very weird. But I didn't find anything about rocket league and it's very strange because it's a very nice game, I like it a lot but I play only with my friends cause otherwise I get bored. So in the free time when my friends can't play with me, I do some rocket league trading just for my entertainment.
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