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  • Emotionally Numb

    The feeling of butterflies

    A dead body being surrounded by funeral flies

    A well made bed

    A bullet in your head

    Candles all around

    The king being crowned

    The usurper and the dethroned

    Death take us all

    The spirits look at logic, appalled

    In the sunlight, all the unpleasantries crawl

    At night, the misunderstood call

    The dark, where the shadows protect us

    The light, where exposure kills us

    The void of emotion, encompassing all of me

    For what I would give, to leave an emotional vacancy

    To be void of emotion, to numbness encompassing me

    Oh what I would give, to finally be free.

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    O this is more preferable to me than your other piece; much more succinct, and well put. I could don the emotions you were putting forth and believe in the content, even if I don't choose to be so negative! I just felt it, and that's the beauty of poetry.

    Thanks for sharin, Nekrow.


    • Nekrow
      Nekrow commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you! I feel bad it came off as negative, when it was more about a state of emotional nirvana. But thank you for the kind words! I am inspired to write more now.

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    Nice, Nekrow. I feel the feelings of frustration and being overwhelmed flow here.