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  • Too Strong To Love

    There's the ambulance
    Parked outside on the curb
    Waiting for me.

    But I am not there.

    During summer when mosquitos
    Threaten our blood
    With their built in straws:

    The orange spots of the truck's light...

    The mosquitos set to die,
    It smells like grapefruit in the air;
    Like body odor a bit too sour.

    While I wait beyond night and day

    And the salt-trucks in winter
    Melting the snow
    Pushing it to the side, of course.

    All the cars and no clue:

    Once an SUV parked out there
    I became paranoid:
    Government agents.

    I never left my room that night.

    Forget about the damn cars on the street.
    Forget about the points
    Which if they met would kill:

    Forget not though to take the pill!

    Spit back at sense
    Unbecoming. Off balconies,
    The slurs of suicidal housewifes:

    Pleasant, rather than my shock

    Mad because I'm not
    Calm enough to not be blind.
    Some people look for it:

    They want the excuse to use.

    Tell them it's a matter of
    Everyday besides Sunday
    The mail lady comes and leaves.

    It's a matter of 'hateful deeds'

    And I point my finger
    Around the corner
    Hoping to somehow be passed over.

    ...Then, I ask, so where are you?
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    Wintered streets
    Fat SUV's
    The guys who come
    in Ray Ban shades
    to persecute
    delusion's belief.
    Philip K. Dick
    had all of these
    suspicions. Of course
    he was wrecked
    L.S.D but
    FBI files opened
    after Watergate
    confirmed him
    as an object
    of investigation.


    • amenOra
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      Awesome, I love Phillip K. Dick and think the juxtaposition is great! Well, he mostly enjoyed Speed, meth, as I recall learning. But he was keyed into the higher circuit scripts: The IMPRINT CREATING.

      Thanks for the lovely sentiments.
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    You are a closer student than me.
    I rely on misquoting half-remembered TV,
    documentary biography.
    I took SUV, shades
    to a 5Haiku riff.
    so thank you
    for that


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      And thank you.

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    Some several reads enhance the feelings present at the first - you have a wonderful knack, like Sister Greed for scripting the moment. So thankful you are still here to illuminate for those, like me, who can't quite get that yet.


    • amenOra
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      Yeah I'm conscious how we enrich each other's writing, and share styles and forms and stuff. That's what I love about this place, a lot of diversity, a lot of passion and talent.

      So we complement each other, and we learn what we might not have, without this here Zone.

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    A captive read, AmenOra!


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      A second reading did me good. Interesting topic. Perfectly disguised.


      • amenOra
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        Why thank you for saying so. Peace!