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    Martinets of regret

    March through my memories

    Launching corrupt coup that

    Puts curfew on courage

    Confine my triumph

    Curtail my confidence

    And file my successes

    Under P for the past

    Parkinson's minions

    Pursuing my purpose

    Masterplan to withdraw

    My poetic license

    But I am the author

    Penning my own future

    My rhyme and my reason

    Stanza alone and free

    Hoist my petards aloft

    So my unflagging smile

    Rallies reserves of wit

    Humour unites my cause

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    The ending sort of fell flat for me, which is unfortunate as the poem definitely gathered some steam to get there! I am not sure what you mean unless the logic of putting "and" before the last line would make sense.

    I feel this in the way that ... it for me mirrors how writing poetry lately for a month or so has been more challenging; eg, yes, no resting on my laurels if I want to grow. Let the laurels grow, they're a plant, not meant to adorn my brow! Better to keep em outside and write about them in poetry if need be.

    Love the second stanza, totally agree. May you have a good time, whatever time of day you read this.
    I believe if we fight for the passion we have inside of us, then we are justified in writing tons of poetry. Or just some.

    Thanks fo sharing!

    Edit: Looks like possible issues with formatting and line spacing. Let me know if you would like me to edit it, elsewhere someone else wasn't able while I was.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      thank you -don't know what originally went wrong with formatting but it is okay now with new final verse. I was doing several things at the same timebut you were right about the final verse it didn't do as I intended

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    That fourth 'stanza lone' - is strikingly wonderful Jon!


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    Much Inspiration here P Poet TY


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      thank you The second

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    Maintain your sense of humour as your armour and keep up the good fight, Parkinsonspoet! Wonderful play with consonance here.


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      laughter is the best medicine