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Spring is Here - I do not Cheer

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  • Spring is Here - I do not Cheer

    Spring is Here – I do not Cheer.

    I’m a Sneezin’ – I’m a Weezin’.

    Nose is Runnin’ – Pollen’s Gunnin’.

    Eyes are Drippin’ – And they’re Itchin’.

    Lawn needs Mowin’ – Weeds need Pullin’.

    Beds need Tillin’ – Pots need Fillin’.

    Deck needs Cleanin’ – Plants need Preenin’.

    Leaves need Rakin’ – Back is Achin’.

    Long for Winter – Don’t you Know,

    My only Chore was Shovlin’ Snow.

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    I'm opposite, Here in the Mid-west. It has been raining off and on for a week, the sun hasn't come out. We could prolly compromise and switch weathers maybe lol.

    Sorry about the allergies and stuff. Should reset back to normal soon. Thanks for sharing your verse, Bob!


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      I would gladly switch. If our yard was mud then I would have a valid excuse for not working there. Thank you.


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        LOL - well yes, this is the other part of the 'robins all around'. Every season has its ups and downs. So far my allergies are mild, and warmer weather is hiding somewhere around the corner, but I know what you mean.


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          I hoped the Age Gods would give me a break from them when I got to be a old man. Maybe I must wait until I am a much older old man?


          • RhymeLovingWriter
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            Great attitude. I've heard it said that we outgrow some things...maybe this could be one of them.

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          ENJOYED MR GRANT I know the feeling but I hate winter more than any of my watery eyes Give me 60 or 70 and sneezy you can keep the 20s and below freezing and breezy


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            I guess I am with you there - don't like the below freezing temps either. Getting picky in my old age. Thank you for the comment.


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              What a fun poem. I share your feelings.

              One way I've found to help me through it
              Is getting somebody else to do it.


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                Not a bad idea - no kids at home any longer. Dog is not much help. My wife does take pity on me and helps out a lot.