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  • Essay on Eros

    I wanted to speak about love.

    Eros. Eros is erotic love. Eros makes the world go round. They say that beauty is just foam ontop of the sea, they also say what makes it beautiful is that Ouranos was castrated, and his blood fell into the sea and formed the foam, which created Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.
    Venus ... is symbolic of such love as is "self-immolating". A line of Auden's I am fond of: "Grave the vision Venus sends/Of supernatural sympathy".

    I will focus on this idea. The dismemberment of the god. The star crossed lovers. Erotic love would die again and again. It's selfish, it's lusty. I think the line means this:

    Sympathy ... in the supernatural sense ... would be Love in the highest. Where we are in culture and humanity, I tend to say that people go through many "lovers" and ...a lot of the time it is less than lovely. I thought, could we survive without Love? No. What would it be like? "Grave the vision Venus sends". Why 'grave'? Probably as simple as being stuck in the flesh, where we feel cut off from the divine. Yet it is through this "breaking" that we learn to seek God on our own.

    So the supernatural sympathy ... When I sympathize with another, I relate experiences and let them know I know what it is like. If I empathize with them, I can actually feel the other's person's struggles and sorrows and high moments. This is the point, I think, to connect us to each other. We're sorely in need of many things, I feel, in our day and age. First and foremost, love is misrepresented and used against people. True love never dies. Well, it's true, right? The trueness of the love was in that moment. I can't deny the feelings.

    Nor can I deny my heart being ripped up, realizing ... What we were as children, specifically a person who affected me so much. It's gone. What we had is gone. Is that the gravity of Venus? Impermanence, and desire for "more"? We deal with the shadow worlds and our emotions are suffering because the intellect wants things HOW it is. Mind, body and soul. I talk, I listen.

    So lovers. Were you cut off from a love, as if you left an island, with part of you there? What is the "supernatural sympathy"?

    Is it in an ominous tone that these lines explicate the fact that ... it's the mirror of the ocean stopped by the churning bloody waters. It's the foam on the top surface, not the depths.

    I've been trying to get the idea out that... Beauty being "emergent", it has likely been systemized. Yet, as Blake said long ago, “The fox provides for himself, but God provides for the lion.” Beauty being "emergent", we see the effects of our society ... and will we be able to stand tall and see the rest of the world? Can we compare without killing? Beauty is not a package. Beauty is so beautiful because of the ugliness we don't see. Beauty can be deadly, used as a weapon.

    When will we finally learn the Supernatural sympathy that Venus sends to us "gravely" as a vision. Or 'the' vision. We become like that which we contemplate. Venus is the blood red love of the centuries, unstained, complete. She knows the ways which she can move through the world, and Beauty comes from our movement. It's not to be staked upon, for beauty can be tarnished. Not only by just a thought. But for beauty to be judged, that is the tragedy. It is that castration, indeed.

    I love to be beautiful. I love to feel beautiful. The point is that it doesn't matter! What it elicits in me matters more, and that I can further connect healthily with "something". Like, do we need beauty to live? Beauty comes from love. Beauty is not an actor who wears enough make up. Beauty is the broken open human animal able to witness its strengths and weaknesses, and to know the cycles of love are our illusion. In this world we give and take, and we need to understand How Love is more than an Idea.

    I feel we are immature in the ways of love. I feel that we are led around by beauty, and its emergence often leads us to stark realizations. When we feel completely alone, it is this way because we can contract: We once felt warm and loved, nothing seemed a problem.

    Personally I am ashamed, as well as proud that my spirit doesn't have to necessarily identify with one thing or another. Ashamed that what we tout as beauty is a product; worse than a mannequin. It's artless. It's a hoodwinking. I wish that I could write about how we sacrifice so much to see Venus dance, so that she knows we appreciate this world. There are many types of love. Erotic love is perhaps the most shallow. But it can bring the most devastation, and quickly. I deal with my emotions, and I inspect what I do.

    Such a thin layer between us. I try to piece together what the myth means to us all. Individually. Together.

    By W.H. Auden

    Lay your sleeping head, my love,
    Human on my faithless arm;
    Time and fevers burn away
    Individual beauty from
    Thoughtful children, and the grave
    Proves the child ephemeral:
    But in my arms till break of day
    Let the living creature lie,
    Mortal, guilty, but to me
    The entirely beautiful.

    Soul and body have no bounds:
    To lovers as they lie upon
    Her tolerant enchanted slope
    In their ordinary swoon,
    Grave the vision Venus sends
    Of supernatural sympathy,
    Universal love and hope;
    While an abstract insight wakes
    Among the glaciers and the rocks
    The hermit’s carnal ecstasy.

    Certainty, fidelity
    On the stroke of midnight pass
    Like vibrations of a bell,
    And fashionable madmen raise
    Their pedantic boring cry:
    Every farthing of the cost,
    All the dreaded cards foretell,
    Shall be paid, but from this night
    Not a whisper, not a thought,
    Not a kiss nor look be lost.

    Beauty, midnight, vision dies:
    Let the winds of dawn that blow
    Softly round your dreaming head
    Such a day of welcome show
    Eye and knocking heart may bless,
    Find the mortal world enough;
    Noons of dryness find you fed
    By the involuntary powers,
    Nights of insult let you pass
    Watched by every human love.
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    What sense does it make? I only ask because I am not sure. It makes sense to me. But I could be wrong lol.


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
      Editing a comment
      Love covers a gamut
      from lust to care,
      a deficiency in the English language.
      German targets the flesh
      more accurately, all
      just biology.

      Surely as Auden's
      title tells:-

      A lullaby rounds
      contentment in
      harmonious sound.
      The parental sphere
      overseen here
      in "every human love."
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