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A "One Word Day"

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  • A "One Word Day"

    Is there a Way to get Together,
    Rain or Shine or any Weather.
    To decide if There’s a Way,
    to Create a “One Word Day?”

    Speak it Out – Put it on Signs,
    Write on Shirts even Behinds.
    Any Language that your Choose,
    there’d Be just No Way to Lose.

    No Concern for Duplication's,
    it Might spread to other Nations.
    All the Words that’d be Combined,
    Show the Strength of Word Mankind.

    Perhaps from Beans to telltale Poops,
    if Loss for Words might Just use Oops.
    If this Rhyme within you Sank,
    What'd be your Word – Fill in the _____.

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    I'd choose charity, I think. It's synonymous with love, but speaks to me of being more other-centered. Of course that's only the English version, so...


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      Another great poem. I think my word would be 'Think' and probably with an exclamation mark.

      The only verse I was reasonably happy with in a short poem I wrote many years ago:

      Our brains are surely not shrinking,
      So it makes my heavy heart sink,
      When Intelligent Man stops thinking
      Instead of stopping to think.


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        Thank you - those are both great words and thank you for participating. This is another questionable idea that came to me in the night - this time I actually got up to put it to rhyme.


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            Good one - thank you for your word.


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              If I had to choose
              just one word to represent
              it would be respect

              You don’t have to love
              nay, not even have to like
              to be respectful

              Respecting others
              means listening and learning
              without prejudice
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                I like what you've written - thank you.