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  • Half Life

    Half Life 27th March 2018

    The flux of youth

    decayed to passion spent,

    free-radicals eat

    at placid life's content.

    "All this," whispers

    time, "see how soon gone.

    From fevered Spring

    forgetful Autumn's born."

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    Beautifully wrought JT.


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
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      Thanks RLW I've run out of library time to say more

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    Very nice.


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      I enjoy your 'tone' with these pieces. The line breaks and clipped lines form such a distinct "feeling" -- It's "Sure" Poetry.

      I enjoyed.

      --Pondering on 'fevered Spring'... because that would be summer, then, right? --


      • amenOra
        amenOra commented
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        What Seasons Do To Each other.

      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        Every read is different,
        your read is as valid
        as my intended reference
        to the first line
        "The flux of youth"
        coupling with "forgetful Autumn"
        as unspoken old age.
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      Very nice Johntee.


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        Thanks Alex

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      The flowered heads, the dappling of color

      Sprung up from their beds

      Such tender budding treads

      Parading with the others

      What cause to keep

      What pause to weep

      Should autumn make them shudder

      The shadows long

      That stem the strong

      Each conviction breeds another


      • Johntee
        Johntee commented
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        Good company
        makes the day.

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      Lovely poem, Johntee, but all I could think was don't try to make time go by too fast. Take time to task and enjoy the now.


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        Too late Muttado
        3 score and ten's
        in the rear view
        mirror. I have
        Bob Grants
        age +1
        already done


        • Muttado1sb
          Muttado1sb commented
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          Well, it isn’t a race. You don’t have to run to the finish line. Maybe a nice mosey, with stops to smell the posies. At three score and ten then three again I would hope that still the bursting of autumn’s color would merit pause and wonder. I’ll let you know if it holds for me in one score less one.

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        Limping to the finish line, hoping ones life was worth something.

        Reflections in a pool of memories, ripples from the latest stone.

        Who threw it and what gives them the right?


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          interesting. Now I read it as, you know, fevered Spring happened so quickly, Summer was almost swallowed up, and Autumn came! Nice read, thanks again.