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    You know I know how darkness can play
    I think you know I can’t be saved
    I know you don’t know how my life was changed
    From a strong free young man
    To becoming enslaved
    A life changing instant
    On a hot august day

    Wire tied pusher
    Buckled to the shiny crank
    I taught the competition
    With a tight chain
    Legs pumping with a piston’s fury
    I torched my enemies
    With ferocity and a heat
    An all American boy
    So nicknamed
    The Red White and Blue Flame
    But THE SECOND that truck and I collided
    Nothing was ever going to be the same

    Severed future dangling
    Stiches between shoulders and toes
    Away with butterfly bandages flies
    Cat scans and MRIs
    Shattered dreams and broken bones
    Keep me from ever again racing in the lead
    But forever keeps me running back in time
    Where a young soul loved life
    And a bright star did shine
    My only goals were to succeed, to win
    That will never happen again
    THE SECOND that truck and I collided
    I did bleed
    And now I do need
    Beyond flesh and bone and gravity
    Where winners don’t get roses
    And all the hopeless losers are loved

    From a hard body of rock I was shoved
    Physically and mentally gifted
    Waking from unconsciousness
    Everything good in my life, taken away
    Like candy being Shop lifted
    Young and strong I knew
    I could fly and I flew
    But THE SECOND that truck and I collided
    A dark spirit was born
    And like an unwanted weed
    In my garden it grew

    What sticks in my mind from that hot August day
    The burn from the road and flickers of gray
    I’m still flying most of the time
    High on drugs, therapy with no shine
    In darkness I play in darkness I stay

    Year upon year I thought how to write
    I apologize for my shame
    I’m not a man that can easily learn
    I am no longer whole
    Or a body so tight
    I can never be that now
    I was a child bearing gifts, struck down
    But any kind of life is a blessing, wright?


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    Wow. Power in these words. Autobiographical? The story behind THE SECOND in your moniker? If not, it's cool how you worked that in. Life surely turns on a dime.


    • The second
      The second commented
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      One hundred percent true. An instant that changed my life forever. Thank you for posting RLW

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    The Second (as in your second incarnation?), thank you for sharing your very personal poem and dramatic life story. We all have one, believe it or not, where the Universe twists us from God to mortal, the laughs in our face. The ones that sought Glory, myself included, are forced to fill the void within — all on our own. The beauty of that continuous, unending action, is the becoming of you in The Real. My friend, Jim, was a college super star football player, wholesome American boy. One day, he went in to watch TV, and found out that he was the first man to ever be drafted by the United States Army. Can you imagine. In the battle of dark vs. light, we must fight for happiness. I suspect that’s been true since we were cast down from the Heavens. Some times it’s easier than others. If I would have read this yesterday, I would have melted down in a puddle of pity. But do fight on, For I love these glimpses of you and your world.


    • The second
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      TY SIS G! Not need no pity I think you asked about my Moniker This be one big reason. it happened many years ago but as I age the repercussions mental and physical seem to be weighing heavier

    • Sister Greed
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      TS, still you leave me wondering. Is it the second your life changed, the second life...thank you for sharing this poem. I’m sure I’ll be reading it again.

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    What a terrible thing to have happened to you. But your poets heart and your strength is an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.


    • The second
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      Only wanted to give a little insight again to where a lot of my stuff comes from. TY ATL!

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    The second you and the truck collided... A tragedy from which you are pulling from one strength to another. Keep flying, TS, and tell us all about it.


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      Cool. It's you. I wonder if this came out easily, or was it hard to relive the stuff? Thanks for sharing your experience. It's a sad world, but what would we call it if it wasn't? A 'rhetorical' world? lol