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    Let’s Arm Everyone – Shoot ‘Em,
    Rifle, Pistol, Gun – Shoot ‘Em.

    Take Guns All Away – Shoot ‘Em,
    Amendment Use And Say – Shoot ‘Em.

    Got Your Order Wrong – Shoot ‘Em,
    Someone You Think Strong – Shoot ‘Em.

    If They Cut In Line – Shoot ‘Em,
    When They Spill Their Wine – Shoot ‘Em.

    Won’t Support Your View – Shoot ‘Em,
    Hair Served In Your Stew – Shoot ‘Em.

    Offends You With A Joke – Shoot ‘Em,
    Just Ran Out Of Coke – Shoot ‘Em.

    Stuck In Traffic Jams – Shoot ‘Em,
    Too Much God And Dams – Shoot ‘Em.

    Stepping On Your Shoes – Shoot ‘Em,
    Wakes You From A Snooze – Shoot ‘Em.

    Toilet Seat Left Up – Shoot ‘Em,
    No Refill In Cup – Shoot ‘Em.

    Drops Milk On The Floor – Shoot ‘Em,
    Passengers Who Snore – Shoot ‘Em.

    Breaks Your Pencil Lead – Shoot ‘Em,
    Don’t Make Up Their Bed – Shoot ‘Em.

    Cull Through Every Face – Shoot ‘Em,
    Build A Master Race – Shoot ‘Em.

    Absurd Evolves To Heard – Root ‘Em.

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    You've morphed your customary flare for cute, endearing rhyming to the service of powerful social commentary - bravo Bob. Bravo.


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      Thank you - your words mean a lot to me. I do not consider it as such - but I guess that it is? It's just how I felt at the time and this is what came out. I have never been one to protest - back when I served instead of dodged. However, at 72 - maybe age, and experience, have changed my views a little? I still prefer to write humor but not much has seemed humorous to me lately.


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        Most people see a problem and try to fix it. A politician sees a problem and starts counting votes.
        I only carry a gun to soot snakes.


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          good job i really enjoyed this. may the changing tides bring you more, to be able to share the humor\love.

          as you remind me ... the heart is beautiful and light!


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            Thank you very much!


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              Very provocative and insightful. I like it. I’d love it if my guys weren’t on fire. 🤨


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                Thank you.


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                  From your comment to RLW

                  To serve, not dodge,
                  then find that served
                  was maybe not just-cause
                  and forty-five years on
                  against China the U.S.
                  stands with Vietnam.
                  and from the Capitol
                  the dodgers tell
                  "That's just how the dominoes fall."
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                    That is a great poem - thank you! We had been married - a little over a year - when I got drafted. The day of my induction - my wife and a good friend of ours - accompanied me to the induction station. She stuck with me through it all and is still sticking for almost 51 years. The next day he went to Canada. I hold no grudge towards him or anyone else who made that decision. I got lucky and came out of my service experience - alive. I have no regrets - and am proud - that I served my country. However, I am sorry that I was a small part of an insanely ill-conceived - and a grossly mismanaged - war effort.