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  • Schooldays

    Recall the times
    Life frozen still
    See everything
    Against my will

    To remember
    The brighter days
    Of everything
    From where it began
    Behind these black, iron gates

    When I tell you everything
    I don't expect you to understand
    Everything I try to say, to you

    There was confusion
    There was the stress
    Failure to adapt
    No time to rest

    Within the grounds
    In every corridor
    It got too much
    As the years went by
    Can't take no more

    There was hope
    In fewer faces
    To guide me through
    Out of the mental maze

    Ignore their cruelty
    Follow the path laid
    Towards my destiny

    One story told
    One page burned
    Many lessons learnt

    Things are fine
    Whenever I'm safe
    Skill and diligence
    Keeps myself sane

    One chapter done
    But it's not over
    When I felt the chill
    Of this warm October

    Building a new trust
    Keep me smiling
    If it's really a must

    What were they for?
    Do they keep my heart lit?
    A series of complications
    In all the people that I knew
    Their faith, I never asked for it

    One story told
    One page burned
    Many lessons learnt

    It all got too much
    Yet I'm to push on
    The more I remain here
    Confidence is gone

    Thoughts of escape
    Waiting for an end
    The great impatience
    I was seeing red

    I wanted to hurt
    The urge to destroy
    Every wall that dominates
    But I'm without a choice

    And when this moment
    Finally came
    I can forget, I can leave behind
    All the darkness, the tears
    The fun that I had
    I can now move on, to a new world
    And it's never too late

    One story told
    One page burned
    Many lessons learnt

    I had survived
    I had taken the fall
    Now, it's the end of it all

    Apologies for the length but, it was hard to try to keep to a verses about what I endured throughout my time in school, even though I left eleven years ago. Also, one verse relates to the many friends I made since that time in October 2003 and, needless to say, it had changed my life forever when before that, I was a loner. It didn't always change me for the better though.

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    School wasn’t always full of wonderful memories. Not everyone had ‘Glory Days’. But you got to create a wonderful poem from those memories, Bry!


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      • Bry89
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        Thanks very much

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      Nice poem man. I was trying to write poems at college for my classes, but it aint worked, so i had to use help and ask other people to write poetry online. Anyway, keep up your work, it's going good!
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