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  • Depression

    Detached from my surroundings, living as if I am dead, hiding from the world anticipating the end
    Emotionally unbalanced numb from the inside out never knowing how I feel or express my self doubt
    Pretending I am happy with life has become a grueling fight, causing exhaustion diminishing my will to try
    Relief my dark thoughts is unpredictable and rare I sit and suffer in silence unsure how to respond if someone even cared
    Ending my life is like a movie on a reel that replays in my head, different scenarios leading to the same result, my death
    Shame and self hatred often rear their ugly heads, causing me to live in a constant state of dread
    Slowly I am losing the last of my remains, that much closer to being diagnosed clinically insane
    Intimidates by the thought of being normal and content, instead I isolate myself to save myself the disappointment
    Opening my heart will never be an option, I prefer to play it safe and live my life with caution
    No one knows how much pain I feel perpetually, the thoughts racing through my mind torturing me mentally
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    I am sorry you feel this way sometimes but it makes for good writing. right?

    welcome, thanks for sharing. there's really no rules. be good! enjoy -- I did, with this one. I was reminded of my own past dealings with this material.

    I hope to see something more from you.

    thanks, a.


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    Opening my heart will never be an option, I prefer to play it safe and live my life with caution.

    There’s a way to do both Veronicascribe40, and it’s called self love. Like one of my favorite poets, amenOra, said, reading your poem reminds one of past (or current) experiences with deep depression, thoughts of suicide, loneliness, isolation, near death, and insanity. That’s been the last year for me, but I’m good. It feels good to struggle. It’s okay to take a chance on love and lose miserably as long as you have a good pillow and blanket to cry into. I’ve experienced near death and it’s not the glorious nap everybody think it is. You don’t even get the satisfaction of being dead because...well, you’re dead. So go get a 5-shot espresso with 5 raw sugars and cream and pull it together girl. You’re gonna make it. 💜


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      I lived with depression for almost two years and could not get rid of it because the problems multiplied and did not allow me to even breathe calmly. I started having panic attacks when I was 16 years old and this was accompanied by insomnia that constantly took away my sleep, in the morning because of this I felt very anxious and tired because I did not sleep for quite a long time. After all this, I found a great tool that helped me partially get rid of this disease, and in the second reception I got rid of panic attacks. I found this tool on
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