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Proud and Sharing - but not a Rhyme

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  • Proud and Sharing - but not a Rhyme

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    This is from our 8 year old granddaughter - wanted to share it. Don't know if I am breaking any rules or not?

    "Girls Can Do Everything Boys Can Do" by Reagan Hellevang

    Have you ever been angry when a boy says ha you can’t play football because girls aren’t good at it or when someone says boys can do baseball, soccer, basketball, and football while girls can only do volleyball, softball, and tennis?

    How about when someone says that only boys can be the president because they are better and girls don’t pay attention?

    It's just not fair because boys have more open options in playing sports than girls. More and more people are standing up to let girls play more sports but it is still not enough! Please stand up so girls can be more open to options for sports!

    Why do people think girls can’t do everything boys can do? Have they seen a girl do bad at sports? But that would be unlikely because like I said it was just a girl. Well, some girls just don’t like sports because they are not good at them I believe if girls keep trying to do better at sports then maybe some boys won’t make fun of girls anymore.

    Another reason is it just leads to more problems. Like, a boy might say, girls can’t do sports and then the girls probably would get mad I mean I would since I am a girl myself but this doesn't matter my point is it would just lead to more problems like a cycle it keeps going round and round but boys if you stop acting like it’s obvious that “the girls”made you lose in a game of dodgeball and no I am not saying this is true, maybe it would just be at least peaceful.

    So, the main question of this topic is: why do boys think girls aren’t capable of doing the same sports as boys? Well think I have got an answer boys think girls can’t do sports I don’t think it’s the girls’ fault you see a girl’s intelligence grows in the brain more first in life and a boy’s athletic ability grows more first in life which tells us that girls will eventually catch up to boys ability! I hope you got all the answers you were looking for!

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    When mothers don’t claim
    "boys will be boys"
    indulging all their social ploys
    then there’s a chance the 51%
    will get an equal emolument,
    till then it's Mom to blame