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  • Awakening

    Life but not as I know it

    Alien Anxiety

    Inhabits uninvited

    Love but not as I felt it

    Bruised badge of my dishonour

    Natures fake purple tattoo

    Truth but cannot bear to look

    Past is past, present my gift

    Leaving wrapped feeble false hope

    Future but fates thread tangled

    As paths fork I retrace steps

    Backtrack alone as footprints fade

    Doubts hostage or maybe not

    Holds on to its own embrace

    Instinct impaired insight rare

    End of love now I know it

    Selfish motives are unmasked

    Pandora's box is open
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    Wow. This is a powerful piece. The run of emotions through the timeline is strongly illuminated in very few words. You have a real talent for that Parkinsonspoet - getting to the heart of the matter with staccato, poetic stride.

    The line '...holds on to its own embrace...' really struck a chord. No matter how 'with' someone else we are, this happens to all of us. Again, wow.


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
      Editing a comment
      thank you-this is harking back to a long time ago but it was the first breakup I had after living with someone and was quite intense

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    The title reminded
    of a 1980's film
    of the success
    and failure
    of L'Dopa
    in catatonic sufferers
    of "Spanish Flue"