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"Have You Fallen?"

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  • "Have You Fallen?"

    “Have You Fallen?” they all Say,
    at my Age it’s Just the Way,
    How the Doctor’s Visits go,
    as my Years advance and Grow.

    Guess I know Just what they Mean,
    on my Butt or In-between.
    But they Never Specify,
    Interpretations I Apply:

    For my Wife of 50 Years,
    Every day through Laughs and Tears.

    For the B.S. that they Spew,
    Politicians Through and Through.

    For that Puppy in the Cage,
    melting Hearts at any Age.

    For that Product on the Tube,
    You must Buy or be a Boob.

    For that Person in the Movie,
    who Relates as being Groovy.

    For the Myth that’s quite Complex,
    that Everyone is Having Sex.

    For the Line that’s just a Lie,
    Life is Like a Cherry Pie.

    “Have You Fallen?” next time In,
    I might Answer without Spin.
    Interpretation kind of Lends,
    to my Answer – “It Depends.”

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    This is a very neatly composed rhyme Bob - I like the variety with the bookended quartrains (four line stanzas) and the couplet pairs (two line stanzas) in the middle. Really clever phrases too. I enjoyed this.


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      Thank you. It was not planned that way - just how it came out.


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      I'm fortunate to be in great company then.