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  • Outflanked

    In my youth football my sport

    Strong tough tackles not abort

    Then in rugby on the wing

    Not my game no not my thing

    I thought up a little wheeze

    With my asthma I would tease

    But the coach knew I was fit

    I would line out not outwit

    No strike allowed in this sport

    This union would not support

    Change to round ball conversion

    Penalty needs diversion

    Oval ball no fun to kick

    So I tried a little trick

    From my knowledge of the laws

    An idea to aid my cause

    Speed was the key to my plan

    Start much too fast if I can

    If I get in front of ball

    Forward pass the ref must call

    Too many times did I dare

    Avoid the play as coach stares

    Muddy knees and muddy shorts

    Not me pristine coach would thwart

    Half time a substitution

    Coach smiles not solution

    Instead changes my position

    In scrum face opposition

    As hooker in scrums centre

    Propped up for an adventure

    No escape the locks in place

    Battling the foe face to face

  • #2
    You’re writing is quite delightful.


    • #3
      Another foray into teenage experiences Parkinsonspoet? Your signature style and reminiscence have built an action verse this time. It's neat to get another glimpse into you and your past!


      • #4
        Oh the things we do as young people. If only we knew then what we know now.


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          Loved this too.

          School rugby was for me a pain
          I'd never thought of it again
          Until today when reading this
          And listening as you reminisce
          'Twill make a man of you, they shouted
          As human rights they clearly flouted!


          • #6
            I'm loving how the zone poets are playing off each others' talents. It's a nice, homey feeling.


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              Game on! A lovely reflection