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  • Pitch perfect

    Solemn echoes of days gone by

    Pitch perfect pictures in my mind

    Footballs chased across the green grass

    Bobbling over the uneven turf

    Shimmy and swerve sidesteps side foots

    Goal bound glory flies between the posts

    Never has the world cup final

    Been graced by one so prolific

    Passers by glance at lone figure

    Unaware of the magnitude

    Of his performance no concept

    Of dreams realised in plain sight

    Skilful in solitude sleight of foot

    With calm composure carves defence

    Deftly dodging goalkeepers lunge

    Placing the ball over the line

    One last free kick dead ball master

    Strikes rocket, curls dips under bar

    Final whistle man of the match

    Claims the ball before the walk home.

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    Every young lads dream. The hero of the game. A nostalgic poem that hits home. “HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES” Nice Jon!


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      Bobby thank you - we are all heroes


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        Loved it.

        Muddy shorts
        Muddy knees
        Ruddy cheeks
        "Mum, what's for tea?
        Mother's little Bobby Moore
        Is home once more
        And glowing

        Mother glows too
        She knows
        As only mothers do
        And it shows


        • Parkinsonspoet
          Parkinsonspoet commented
          Editing a comment
          Your rhyming is great fun and played a part in my decision to write my latest poem Outflanked

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        Liked the anticipation and the universal dream. Nicely done Jon.


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          Nicely done Jon. And these lines, almost perfectly in the middle:

          " concept
          Of dreams realised in plain sight"

          speak to me of a much larger theme. Beautifully captured!