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  • Dichotomy

    One side of me speaks of the truth
    One side of me holds these desires
    Know that I am nothing like you
    I may be a saint or just a fucking liar

    Make the incision deep into my mind
    And see for yourself of what I am
    I am docile yet I'm so disturbed inside
    I don't expect you to ever understand

    One side of me is too harsh to describe
    One side of me is of sickening joy
    The mixture of feelings that I try to hide
    I'm forced to express and I have no choice

    It's not this hard to differentiate
    Between this mask and what matters within
    I am adored but secretly, I'm afflicted by hate
    Paranoia and confusion, slowly closing in

    What if I was not what I claimed to be?
    What if I told you everything, of this life?
    About myself where there's nothing to believe
    A sharp dichotomy between this reality, and the lies

    Silently, I smile to myself when life's easy
    But the anger drives me to be left all alone
    Unable to recognise myself, even if there is need
    All the revelations they're desperate to know
    There's no real answer to give

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    An artful play of darkness/light of the human psyche. I wonder how many could identify personally with this?


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      Anyone with an identity disorder perhaps?

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    I heard you talking about me so I thought I weigh in! Yes, I have Dissiciative Identity Disorder but who doesn’t, particularly in America. Back to your poem, I love this dichotomous resolution in writing that leaves the reader to wonder about the absolutes we claim in regard to our identity. Fun to read and refreshing to admit the identities we build are usually self-serving lies! That’s how I interpreted it.