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    Bright New Morning

    Hoar frost, glittering

    sun, a million jewels

    burn to extinction.

    July 16, 1945 Trinity


    a sudden sun winks, new born

    the atomic bomb.

    August 6 1945 8:15 (Hiroshima time)

    Fission and firestorm

    Enola Gay's calling card;

    Hiroshima gone

    Ghost Town

    Ghost town, desert sun,

    lizard hugs the boardwalk shade,

    bugs his stock in trade.

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    A beautiful quartet of verse chronicling events so horrible to remember. Nicely handled, Johntee .


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      What a surprise your topic was to read. Somehow I felt nourished that somebody still feels that horrific event important enough to write about. My third grade English teacher made us watch the video on Hiroshima (after getting our permission slips signed by parents). It obviously impacted me forever. My mother worked for “The Rad Lab” (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and all nine-years-old of me hotly debated her choice of profession. We didn’t have the Internet then, but was obsessed with winning this one important argument: we never know the cascading effects of atomic weapons until they’ve gone was to far. For me, that’s taking life.


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        By the way, I love the way you set your poem “Hoar frost, glittering

        sun, a million jewels

        burn to extinction.”

        beautiful, provocative foreshadowing.


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          I’m back again. This is just flawless. Thank you for sharing.


          • Johntee
            Johntee commented
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            Thanks, thanks and thanks again.
            Ghost Town came out of The Seconds
            "Something to me" and provided
            the desert image of Alamagordo
            and the test housing structures
            built for the 'A' Bomb test

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          You have found a subject worthy of your intellect! Excellent


          • Johntee
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            My intellect thanks you, LG

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          I found this exceptional Thank You J


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            This is wonderfully expressed, Johntee! The feelings and pictures painted in each haiku is captivating!