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I nearly fell - ha'sonnet

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  • I nearly fell - ha'sonnet

    I nearly fell
    Out of my chair
    When I heard tell
    You were still there
    You never called
    I sat and bawled
    Poor me, dreary

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    Dear Mr Henry I do tell looking dapper as ever and writing as swell Thank you


    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      Thank you, The second. It's good to see you! I am trying to keep a foot in the RhymeZone door!

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    Teary, but with a workman's boot
    steeled, the door can't crush your metric foot.


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      I hope your bum
      did not get bruised
      on landing there,
      in romance used.
      Do not long fret -
      you'll find 'em yet -
      dry tears - switch gears!

      You make this fun for me, you know, MHenry ? We ought to start a dialogue/story and see how long different poets in the zone can keep it going - ha'sonnet style!


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        I'm moving on
        I need fresh blood
        The sting is gone
        I ain't no dud
        Find a winner
        Buy her dinner
        fine wine she's mine

        I'm glad you're having fun, RLW! Maybe you can recruit some more ha'sonneters!


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          I have no doubt
          You'll woo her sweet
          So take her out
          and clinch the feat
          (with booze involved
          your problem's solved).
          Slow sips - loose lips.

          I should not pen
          such daring stuff.
          I'll think again
          and add more fluff.
          Though liquor works
          erasing quirks,
          words too, can woo.

          With silver tongue
          (MHenry style)
          you'll not get hung
          up for awhile
          Ha'sonnet flair
          and debonair...
          Best luck, young buck!

          So shall we just keep this one going then - and invite all to join in the fun?


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            Don’t Cry For Me

            I didn’t call...
            Why should you care?
            For after all
            you were not there
            whenever I
            wanted to try!
            You slept. I wept.

            You wanted dialogue for the story ;-)


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            Use Charm Not Smarm

            Why do you think
            that you should go
            woo them with drink?
            Don’t sink so low!
            I can see why
            she said good-bye
            if this means bliss

            Sorry I seem to be hitting this from a different angle. :-)


            • #9
              Touché, my man,
              you make a point.
              Perhaps a plan
              to find a joint
              without the wine
              would still do fine.
              High class this lass.


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                Dear Mr. M Henry
                please outline the
                definition of a Ha'sonnet.
                I'm sure Muttado has told
                me, but my record of it is gone.


                • #11
                  Grant Hayes, a fascinating and incredibly talented Australian poet who collaborated with me to create a new poetic form called the ha’sonnet. Ha’sonnets are essentially half of a sonnet the basic form of which is seven lines of four syllables each with a volta and a climax in the optional rhyme scheme of A,B,A,B,C,C,DD.


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                    if you can snag
                    a courtly lass
                    with just a bag
                    and empty glass
                    give a lesson
                    or suggestion
                    love school! how cool!


                    • #13
                      With Empty Glass

                      Look in their eyes -
                      up here, not there! -
                      and they’ll surmise
                      how much you care
                      Show some respect
                      if you expect
                      to chance romance

                      The trick’s to find
                      someone with shared
                      interests - mind,
                      while UNimpaired! -
                      Then smile and talk,
                      take a short walk,
                      and earn your turn


                      • MHenry
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                        These are great, M1!

                    • #14
                      I have to say
                      it makes good sense
                      to find a way
                      without pretense.
                      A bond that's made
                      on trust won't fade.
                      Win/win begins.


                      • #15
                        On second glance
                        It seems to me
                        I have a chance
                        Mos' def'nitly
                        But if I wait
                        She'll find a mate
                        Best clothes, red rose