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  • Angliers


    Whittled to the shivering scurvy bone
    Frozen lakes covered with snow
    No reflections of the cabins
    Or a sixteen year old boy
    But now, many memories for this old man

    Augured paths on which the cold comes to kill
    Leading deep into my soul and that of Angliers
    The frozen islands white and still
    No signs of labor within the Canadian calm
    All the lovers under icy sheets
    Twisted stiff, sculpted drift wood
    Lay as dormant animals
    No thundering storm, no din
    Slender red boats cast prostrate
    No sign of fishermen
    French Indian girls, no Walleye to clean
    Instead, tonight they giggle and preen
    Help with dinner drink red wine and sing
    Their mother and father will do the same thing
    Little brother imitates Elvis after we dine
    More than sustenance for the flesh
    Food for the soul, very fine
    Now caught up in the spirit, I recline
    Before I nod off
    Pictures above the mantle
    Catch my eye
    Bronze the color and metal of their grandparent’s faces
    I wonder, had they danced on the mammoth stones
    Or any of the other magical places
    Where I danced fifty some years ago
    With my cousins and a case of warm beer
    That was a warm August day though
    The summer was waning
    On an enchanting Quebec landscape
    With a picturesque sunset glow
    As a young man I made love there
    And made believe a fairy tale
    So far away now is that day, lost in the years
    This my final winter
    As I head off to dream of the love I made
    So long ago, here in Angliers


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    Sepia memories
    seep in,
    lost years
    dreamed between.


    • The second
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      Thanks Johntee it was a magical time in my life

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    Sweetest of reminiscences, The second . Thankful for your fond memories to create this beautiful tableau chain.


    • The second
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      You are welcome RLW and Thank YOU

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    Beautiful pictures in your words, The second!