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Believe in Berlusconi

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  • Johntee
    commented on 's reply
    I hope your time wasn't wasted

  • AlexandratheLate
    The title pulled me in and then I had to read the rest of your poem.

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  • Johntee
    commented on 's reply
    Once again you've pulled
    something from the slush pile,
    thanks Muttado. Now I've turned
    to ha'sonnet having lost your
    definition and regained via
    M Henry

  • Muttado1sb
    Nice take, Johntee! I like your weaving of similes to tell this story.

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  • Johntee
    started a topic Believe in Berlusconi

    Believe in Berlusconi

    Believe it 3rd Mar. 2018

    Illegal immigrants in focus,

    for border, as Rio Grande read Mediterranean

    and, scope-sighted, half a million Africans

    the target for deportation.

    It's déjà vu all over again.

    Soulmate of the U.S. Presidency,

    no quiff, but Permatan

    and transplanted hair remain,

    plastic surgery's low definition

    smeared feature of yesterday,

    Berlusconi, is back from the dead in Italy.

    In the graveyard city of Empire's glory,

    from public office tax-fraud barred,

    behind the scenes for Forza Italia,

    at 81 the puppet-master is working hard

    come Sunday , to take the pole as deal maker.

    On the glitz of Milan, snow is falling,

    in Rome a cold wind wind is blowing.