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  • After Four Years

    After Four Years 28th February 2018

    Four years after,

    Tim Allen's laughter

    line reminds me

    of a film I failed to see.

    What is contingent, what necessary.

    "Here's a knife.

    At the cost of your arm,

    save your life."

    How many hours

    must you survive

    before a limb

    becomes a contingency?

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    When is it contingent... Interesting question, Johntee. I can't figure out the movie ot Tim Allen reference, though.


    • Johntee
      Johntee commented
      Editing a comment
      It was "a biggie" released in 2010
      called "127 Hours."
      Currently showing on a U.K. rerun channel
      Tim Allen's 2013-14 vehicle "Last Man Standing"
      a guy trapped by a rock display
      was the laugh line reference.
      The political line taken to Obama-Hilary
      makes me question America's oft stated
      lack of irony. It's a Fox production
      so it might be in deadly earnest.
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